Whether you want to become a member, or to volunteer, the Democratic Executive Committee will provide the support that will allow you to play an important role in building the Democratic Party in Clay County. This page will give you more information about the DEC – what it does and how it operates. It also tells you how you can contribute to building the Democratic Party.



"To promote a Democratic Party which is active in supporting the state and national party platform; active in building a strong, voting membership base in Clay County; aggressive in creating a core of functional staff and precinct workers; and supportive of all Democratic Candidates."



Florida Democrats believe in effective and efficient government that prioritizes:

  • Quality Education
  • Healthcare for All
  • Environmental and Climate Justice
  • An economy in which anyone who works hard can succeed. 
  • Immigration Reform
  • Voting Rights
  • Accountability in Government


The Democratic Executive Commitee helps improve society by electing Democrats

The DEC is the governing body of the Democratic Party in Clay County and its purpose is to build a strong Democratic Party in our County to elect Democratic candidates to offices at all levels. Here are some of the many activities the DEC engages in:

  • We provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among Democrats
  • We follow and support political issues of importance to Democrats
  • We recruit and train volunteers at the grassroots level
  • We register voters, to increase the number of Democrats in Clay County
  • We talk to voters on the phones and at their doors to persuade them to vote for Democratic candidates and support Democratic issues
  • We raise money for Clay County Democratic Party and to support Democratic candidates
  • We identify and support new leaders in the Democratic Party
  • We represent local Democrats in the Party at the State and National Level
  • And we supervise all Democratic Party matters throughout the County.

For additional information? Please feel free to call: 904-375-8417 or e-mail us at [email protected]


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